New publication

“Triggering redox activity in a thiophene compound: radical stabilization and coordination chemistry”

M. Curcio, J. R. Pankhurst, S. Sproules, D. Mignard, J. B. Love, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2017, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201703576R1


Abstract: The synthesis, metalation, and redox properties of an acyclic bis(iminothienyl)methene L are presented. This π-conjugated anion displays pronounced redox activity, undergoing facile one-electron oxidation to the acyclic, metal-free, neutral radical L on reaction with FeBr2. In contrast, reaction of L with CuI forms the unique, neutral Cu2I2(L) complex of a ligand-centered radical, whereas reaction with the stronger oxidant AgBF4 forms the metal-free radical dication L2+.


About Prof. Jason Love

Jason Love obtained his PhD in rhenium polyhydride chemistry 1993 from Salford University working with John Spencer. Following a series of postdoctoral positions with Geoff Cloke (Sussex), Michael Fryzuk (UBC), and Martin Schröder (Nottingham) looking at alkene polymerisation, dinitrogen chemistry, and anion binding, he was awarded a lectureship and Royal Society URF (1999-2004) at Sussex in 1999. In 2001, he moved to Nottingham University and then to Edinburgh University as a Senior Lecturer in 2007 and Reader in 2010, where he is now the current Head of Inorganic Chemistry and Professor of Molecular Inorganic Chemistry. He has dabbled in chemistry across the Periodic Table, focussing at present on small molecule redox catalysis in relation to sustainability, and ligand design strategies for d- and f-element chemistry, supramolecular catalysis and metal extraction processes.
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