E3-DTP PhD project available

A PhD project is available through the E3 Doctoral Training Programme on “Recycling of waste electronics using environmentally sustainable processes.”

This is a joint project between Jason Love and Carole Morrison (Chemistry) and Bryne Ngwenya (Geosciences). For more information and the application procedure please visit the E3 DTP websites.



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New publication

“Deoxydehydration of vicinal diols and polyols catalyzed by pyridinium perrhenate salts”

Danny S. Morris, Karlotta van Rees, Massimiliano Curcio, Mirza Cokoja, Fritz E. Kühn, Fernanda Duarte, and Jason B. Love

Catalysis Science and Technology2017, DOI: 10.1039/C7CY01728F


Simple ammonium and pyridinium perrhenate salts were evaluated as catalysts for the deoxydehydration (DODH) of diols into alkenes. Pyridinium perrhenates were found to be effective catalysts at much lower temperatures than those in previous reports, outperforming primary, secondary, and tertiary ammonium salts, while quaternary ammonium salts are effectively inactive. The mechanism of reaction was studied computationally using DFT calculations which indicate that proton shuttling between the ion pair is intrinsic to the mechanism and that the reduction of rhenium by the phosphine occurs before the diol condensation.

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Welcome to Lotte

Lotte van Rees has joined the group as a CRITICAT PhD student. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam after completing her MChem degree in ‘Molecular design synthesis and catalysis’ in 2017. She completed her Master project under the supervision of Professor Jason Love on  perrhenate-catalyzed deoxydehydration. Her research project will focus on the C-H oxygenation reaction using homo- and heterodinuclear Pacman compounds.

Lotte van rees


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Welcome to Mareike

Marieke Hüttenschmidt has joined us from the University of Rostock for a research project working with Massimiliano Curcio on the activation of CO2 using complexes of redox-active ligands. She graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Rostock in 2016. During her Bachelor thesis she was working in the groups of Prof. Wolfram Seidel and Prof. Christian Vogel on metal complexes based on 2-deoxyribose furanose derivatives and is currently pursuing her M.Sc. degree in Chemistry.


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New publication

“On the Extraction of HCl and H2PtCl6 by Tributyl Phosphate: A Mode of Action Study”

Kirstian J. MacRuary, Ross J. Gordon, Richard A. Grant, Stephen Woollam,
Ross J. Ellis, Peter A. Tasker, Jason B. Love & Carole A. Morrison

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 2017, DOI: 10.1080/07366299.2017.1379724

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New publication

Axially symmetric U-O-Ln and U-O-U containing molecules from the control of uranyl reduction with simple f-block halides

P. L. Arnold, B. E. Cowie, M. Suvova, M. Zegke, N. Magnani, E. Colineau, J-C Griveau, R. Caciuffo, J. B. Love

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201705197

Cowie ANIE2017

Stuck on U: Simple, tunable reactions between Ln(II) iodides and uranyl salts in pyridine or acetonitrile generate axially symmetric, one-or two-electron reduced, discrete or infinite, oxo-coupled 4f/5f systems, allowing fundamental electronic or magnetic properties to be tuned and studied.


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3MT Winner!

Congratulations to Euan Doidge for winning the University-wide Three Minute Thesis competition with his presentation “WEEE are golden: metal recovery by solvent extraction”. He will now represent the University at National level! Euan also came away with the ‘People’s Choice’ prize.Euan Doidge 3MT

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